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"Ultimate Drivers has given me an overall great driving experience. My driving intructor, Ali, was an excellent instructor in all aspects imaginable. He was patient, easy to get along with and taught me how to drive defensively. I now feel prepared and ready to take on my G2 driving test as I know that I have truly learned defenseive driving tactics from the best. I would highly recommend Ali to be your instructor too - not only a great man but also a knowledge teacher. Thank you Ultimate Drivers!"

September 29th, 2013, Cassidy

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Our Mission


Our mission at Ultimate Drivers in OAKVILLE, Ontario is to provide OAKVILLE residents with a driving school that they can trust will train responsible and safe drivers of tomorrow. We are determined to provide the highest quality in class instruction, in car driver training and excellent customer service to all of our customers in the OAKVILLE area.

Ultimate Drivers OAKVILLE is Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider. In our pursuit of excellence, we will continuously endeavour to raise our high level of professionalism and service with our selfless, dedicated, and self-motivated organizational culture.

OAKVILLE Driver Training Programs

Our goal is to make Ontario Roads as safe as possible. Therefore, we have put countless hours into refining our driver training programs to ensure they:

  • Effectively prepare our students for their road tests
  • Are taught by highly trained driving instructors
  • Are flexible and offered frequently to fit our students busy schedules
  • Graduate responsible drivers who understand the principles of Beginner driving
  • Train the safe drivers of tomorrow
Need Driver Training?

Our OAKVILLE Driving School is always looking for new students to join our elite Beginner driver program. Do you have a teen or loved one that is considering driver education? Check out our driver training programs and fees above for more information.

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Driving Tip from our OAKVILLE Driving School Instructors

Before your G1 or G2 road test, familiarize yourself with the area you will be taking your test. Make note of speed limits and street signs. You never want to get caught off guard when on your driving test.

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