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  • Beginner Driver Education Program

    This program has 3 components. 1. Classroom, 2. Drive Online home assignment and 3. In-Car training. Upon successful completion it saves you on auto insurance and allows you to go for G2 license in 8 months time.

  • Beginner Driver Education Progam - Advanced

    This program has 4 components. 1. Classroom, 2. Drive Online home assignment, 3. In-Car training and 4. Advance driving skills. Upon successful completion it saves you on auto insurance and allows you to go for G2 license in 8 months time.

  • Complete Refresher Program

    This program helps new drivers to learn driving without attending the in-class. This is a customized program based on students who do not wish to be certified.

  • Refresher Program

    It’s right choice of program for those who like to brush up and improve their driving habits. Join this program, if you have some experience and, just need to refresh your skills or work on some of the bad habits you picked up over the time.

  • Driver Improvement Program

    This course is recommended by the court in case your license is suspended or you have lost too many points and need to attend a Ministry of Transportation approved course or start this course brush up your driving skills.

  • Senior Driver Training

    Seniors need to undergo Mandatory Driving Test as required by MTO. This program is right and specially designed program for seniors who are looking to get refreshed their driving skills before test.

  • Winter Time Driving Program (Available from November to March)

    This program is perfect to overcome Winter Time Driving Jitters for G2 & G class drivers who haven’t taken driver training ever or who could avoid some unexpected situations with professional training. It specially focuses on Winter Time Driving Safety and controlling vehicle in Adverse Conditions.


Your Trusted Driving School in Mississauga, ON

Our mission at Ultimate Drivers in Mississauga, Ontario is to provide Mississauga residents with a driver education program that they can trust. Our Mississauga driving school will train responsible and safe drivers of tomorrow. We are determined to provide the highest quality in driver class instruction, in car driver training and excellent customer service to all our driver ed customers in the Mississauga area.

Ultimate Drivers Mississauga is Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider. In our pursuit of excellence, we will continuously endeavour to raise our high level of driving instruction, professionalism and service with our selfless, dedicated, and self-motivated organizational culture.

Need Driver Training?

Our Mississauga Driving School is always looking for new students to join our elite Beginner driver program. Do you have a teen or loved one that is considering driver education? Check out our driver training programs, driver lessons and fees for more information.