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Vikram Bhogal


Shahed was a great instructor he taught me everything I now know about driving, he works with you to make you a successful driver. He encourages you and teaches you in the way you learn. In the end he is not only a great intructor but a great friend.


Erica Racanelli


I couldn't have asked for a better instructor! Shari was great! She taught me so much and was constantly giving me tips and pointers along the way. She also gave me incredible amounts of confidence on the road, which I thought I would never have! At first, I was not eager to drive at all but after all of my lessons with Shari I can't get enough! I love driving and I'm stoked to get my G2. Thanks Ultimate.




I took my driving test in Brampton for my G licence last Sept 29 and I successfully passed on my first attempt! Many thanks to Farzana, my driving instructor who was very patient and very generous in teaching me all the things that I needed to know to hurdle my test. She is AWESOME! I dont know her personally, I just took the risk of selecting her by way of reading the testimonials. I was not wrong! Thank you Farzana for all the tips:)




My instructor was Ali was he was really good and fun to be with learning and he always made time for lessons and respond ed right away , his teaching was very easy to understand ,I couldn't do parallel parking but he made me gain my skills and was able to accomplished parking skills , I am looking g forward to going with him for the test and know and feel that I can pass !thanks to Ali for being such a great teacher , u are truly the best !




I had such a wonderful experience with my in car driving lessons. Ronnie prepared me very well and I passed with a 97%.\r\nI would definitely go back to him for my G.\r\n\r\nThank you so much! \r\nVana




Peter was a great instructor. Very good at explaining all the concepts. Passed with a G2 on the first try!


Marcel Molina


Zareed was my son's driving instructor and we couldn't have asked for someone better. His knowledge and professionalism were fundamental for Marcel's positive outcome. \r\nThank you Zareed. We would recommend you anytime.\r\nLuiza.




I passed my G2 on the first time all because of my great instructor Kramer who taught everything I needed to know to not only pass but be a good driver. I have, and definitely will recommend ultimate drivers and Kramer to others, thanks so much!




I signed up for a refresher before taking my G2, and Imran taught me everything I needed to know to pass my road test.\r\n\r\nVery helpful, and very dedicated to making sure his students form good driving habits.




Peter was great, he teaches you everything you need to know and more, I would recommend him to anyone


Patricia A.


My Ultimate Drivers experience was very helpful and informative. Not only did they do a good job of teaching the basics, but my driving instructor Sandy was wonderful! She was very patient and taught me everything i needed to know. \r\nDefinitely would recommend!!!


Andrew Joubran


Imran was an awesome instructor made me get my G2 in the first shot!


Jeff McDonald


Ultimate Drivers was great. Passed my G2 Road Test the 1st time with 90%. Better than Young Drivers---A+++




Sarita was the best driving instructor I could have asked for. She was kind, human and taught me everything I know about driving really. Without her help I would not have passed my G2 test and stayed calm the whole time. Loved my in class and in car experience. Just a great place and worth every penny.




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jeffery hazell


Ronnie was the best instructor ever! he is extremly good at communicating opointments and taguht me how to drive very well, i passed my g2 test first try all because of him!




Gord was my in class teacher and was extremely easy to get a long with. He makes learning the rules of the road easy and fun, and builds you great confidence for driving on the road. He has ample experience and can answer any question you ask him, overall he's a really easy going guy.




I'm glad I chose Ultimate Drivers for my in-car lessons. Sal was my instructor - not only was he patient but he was very positive as well. Fatima (at the office) was very helpful in booking my road test for me. I highly recommed UD to everyone!!!


Justin Fripps


Shahed gave really good teaching techniques that were easy to follow and repeated the lesson until I got it right leading me to get my G2 on the first try.


David Kazek


Kamar was my instructor. he was very clear and concise with all of his instruction. Got me well prepared for my G2.\r\n\r\n10/10 would recommend to friends




I wasn't nervous driving because I practiced a lot before but Tim really helped me learn every rule properly and never stressed me or got mad if I didn't listen and talked to me witch I enjoyed a lot and past my g2 test first try THX TIM




I have been doing my in-car lessons with Imran as my instructor. Imran is a great teacher and is easy to learn from. I was really nervous on my first lessons but he has helped me gain confidence behind the wheel.


Kerlea Joseph


My driving instructor was Zab and he was extremely knowledgeable about driving as well as what to expect on the actual driving test! When I started learning with Ultimate Drivers, I had never even been behind the wheel of a car before but with the instruction I received from Zab, I was able to easily pass my G2.




I would really like to thank Tariq for teaching me the rules of the road and how to be a safe driver, he taught me many techniques, from parallel parking to reverse parking. He was a fantastic instructor. He has really built up my confidence on the road and now im ready for my road test. Thanks




Today i took my g2 test and passed it easily, thanks to my instructor Kramer. He was an excellent instructor, always calm and friendly even when i did something wrong. He taught me everything i know about driving, and thanks to him i'm now ready to take on the roads!




I passed my road test on my first attempt because of the great lessons I received from my instructor Kramer. He was very accommodating, punctual, and an excellent instructor.\r\nI'd recommend Kramer to anyone who wants to pass their driving exam.


Karthik Krishnan


Barik was awesome! Thanks to him passed my G2 in single attempt .He was patient,accurate and fair in pointing our mistakes and also give remedial actions immediately.He does not make you overconfident or makes u feel that you are not a great driver but gives u right confidence to drive.He is friendly and flexible ,if given chance I would again for my G


Mary Ruth Ann Castaneda


I took my G2 test on January 5, 2016 & passed with flying colors! I would like to thank my very knowledgeable & patient instructor VIC for guiding, helping & giving me instructions till the last minute of my in-car training. As what i had said to vic all the time he's an angel sent from above for me. A perfect 10 for Ultimate Drivers in Burlington. I will definitely recommend this to my family & friends! God bless & more success....kudos~.*




Every Time I entered the car, my driving instructor and I had a blast. We would share laughs, frustrations, and we always found a way to laugh something off. \r\nSaira and I had a lot of moments of instruction, and she helped me break habits that I had acquired from my parents before learning with her. She took time out of her schedule to make sure that I got my lessons completed and I will always recommend her to anyone joining Ultimate Drivers! \r\nIf you have Saira, you're a lucky duck.\r\nAnd Yes Saira, I kept my word ;)


Paige Drynan


Vic is a great teacher. Was fully prepared for my test. Had a great experiance


Juwairiya Khan


I had Ronnie as a driving instructor after completing a full course and he was an excellent teacher who helped me pass my g2 test in Brampton today on my first shot! He is a great instructor


Justin Henry


My new instructor ronnie, was excellent at teaching. Now I understand what safe driving means. He was a lot more helpful than my old instructor.




My instructor was Kamar he was great. He gives clear instruction repeatedly so it sticks in your brain what to do. He made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel and confident in my skils.




I just passed my G2 test in Oakville with the help of my instructor Rani. She knows exactly what the examiners want to see and is very thorough with telling you how to improve. She helped me to pass on the first attempt.




I had Kamar as an instructor and he was great! He was very helpful with my preparing for the road test, and taught me everything that I needed to know!




Rani is an excellent instructor who was not only patient but taught me how to feel comfortable while driving on the road. I have recommended Ultimate Drivers to my friends and anyone who is learning to drive!\r\nThanks so much for all your help!




Wouldn't have learned how to drive properly without them. Classed were quick aND easy.


Navita Azeez-Conway


I went for my G2 test in Orangeville with Ronnie, who is an amazing driving instructor, I was so nervous to drive before attending ultimate driving school. I am so happy that Ronnie was my instructor as well as my boyfriend instructor, we both pass our G2 on our first try. Thank you so much Ronnie, you are the best.




Hey goRd, thanks for the Timbits! I'm gonna miss you Santa. By the way, SEAN is an awesome instructor, made me feel really comfortable driving and got me ready for my test in just a few weeks.




Tom was an incredible teacher, he taught me many useful ways to park and turn; though the snow doesn't help, I feel I'll will pass my test!


Sabrina palacios


Imran was an amazing instructor, he made me feel confident on the road and taught me how to park perfectly,he also taught me so well i passed on my first attempt for my G2 . Not only did he teach me how to drive but we also had some good laughs and jokes too. He is a very kind punctual man and anybody would be lucky to have him as an instructor.


Alex Gumbrell


Ultimate Drivers was a great experience for me. My Class instructor Sam was absolutely amazing. I highly enjoyed his classes, and they were fun, and very educating. I took the 4 day class sessions (2 sessions each day);INSERT INTO reviews VALUES which helped a lot. Overall, the class was a positive place to be, tons of nice people, who I've made friendships with as well. Ultimate Drivers, has taught me many things I did not know before, or had a different opinion on before learning the proper way. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone seeking drivers Ed classes. Thanks again Sam, for an awesome time!


Steven Connelly


10 out of 10 for ronnie and the ultimate driver team. I passed my G road test first try today in Brampton.




My daughter needed some intense preparation for her G2 road test so we arranged a refresher evaluation and lessons. She met with Prett and was given exactly what she needed to pass the road test. Much better instruction than I could provide and I even learned from what my daughter was taught!\r\n\r\nThanks Ultimate Drivers for a great instructor!\r\n\r\nRichard D




I just passed my g2 road test today, and i must say i don't know if i could have done it without my fabulous teacher VIC. Anyone who has Vic as their driving teacher will be so happy with the results. You will learn so much and be so happy to have taken the course. Way to go to ultimate drivers for having such helpful, friendly staff. Now that i am done and have got my g2.. Vic is no longer my teacher but my friend. thanks so much!


Alyssa R


Ultimate Drivers was convenient, safe, and helped me learn everything I needed to know to succeed to getting my G2. My instructor was helpful, funny, and always tried his best to help me. Thanks for the great experience!


Brandon Muriel


i have recently just finished my lessons and have completed my driving school, i am happy to say that i am very pleased with the services i have received from ultimate drivers. the classes were well done and kept me intrested. i am very glad to say that my driving instructor imran was fantastic extremely punctual and respectful. he has taught me the keys to driving and i now feel comfortable on the road. i would recommend this association to anyone who asks for my preferrences




Just got my G today thanks to Ruby! She was an amazing instructor who helped calm my nerves for the exam. Had a lot of great pointers and helped me get my G on my first try! Thanks Ruby and Ultimate Drivers :)


Aswin Fernandaes


Lucky is a great driving instructor. I had no driving experience what-so-ever, like i never been on the actual road behind the wheel. Lucky definitely taught me everything what so ever there is to know about the roads and driving skills. I was hesitant at first to have a driving instructor whom I had never met before. lucky made everything so easy,less stressful and taught me with a great attitude. He kept a very professional attitude throughout my all in-car lessons. he made driving very easy and comfortable for me. Now I am driving with awareness and confidence. Lucky is a great driving instructor and he is funny too.thanks to ultimate drivers giving me such a amazing driving instructor.\r\nThanks alot lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!\r\n\r\n\r\n


Chelsea Carey


I would like to give a big thank-you to my instructor Kim. She was an awesome teacher! I've learned and gained a lot of experience driving with her. She always made me feel very comfortable and confident in my driving. Today I passed my G2 and I couldn't of done it without her! I will be recommending anyone who is looking into drivers training. Great deals, great people, and great technics/training. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK KIM!!! I will miss you!