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Cory SIlva


Ultimate driver's was an excellent School, in class teachers were good, and my driving instructor was a great teacher! \r\nMy in car instructor, Aqil Ali, was an amazing instructor. He knew what he was talking about, and he taught me all the skills I needed to become a safe driver, and gave me the confidence to be able to go ahead and do my G2 road test. \r\nHe was an easy guy to talk to, and gave great advice on how to improve my driving. \r\nI can definitely say that Aqil Ali is one of the best driving instructors out there. \r\nThank you Ultimate Driver's! And thank you Ali for amazing in car sessions!




Hi, my name is Nicole and I did in car lessons with Ray for my G2 exit preperation. I think that he is an amazing instructor, I had very good lessons and definately learned a lot of tips while driving with him. I am sure that I will be successful in on my driving \r\ntest because of what I've learned with Ray. I would definately recommend him to anyone in my area that I know who needs driving lessons! I wish you all the best Ray, thank you!!!\r\n\r\n\r\n


Hailey Armstrong


Shahed is a good instructor dude and thought me well. I got my G2 license in ist attempt. Thanks


Will S


Thank you Sal for teaching me all of the necessary skills for the test and more. I passed my drivers test on the first try, and i highly recommend him to others as he is a great teacher and mentor!




Hey! Sherri is a FANTASTIC driving instructer. She's experienced and has new ways of teaching that make driving 32852938752935 times easier compared to other different ways. At first, I was super terrified of driving but made me feel at ease, and she's really relatable.




RUBY IS THE BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR EVER! Going into a car with an instructor who you haven't met before can make you very nervous and intimidated. The moment I got into the car with Ruby I felt safe and like I was in good hands. She is amazing at what she does! She made me repeat everything i did over and over again so that i would get it into my head how to be a successful driver. I am very pleased with her teaching skills and the helpful pointers she gave me to pass my g2 road test. Which i was successful with! Ruby is very approachable and a friendly instructor. She is always positive and makes you feel comfortable when driving with her. She was also very organized with all the students she had this summer, so she wont disappoint you! If i were you, i would request Ruby!! :)


Alexis DeBruge


My instructor was Shahed. He was very calm while teaching me how to drive and was comforting when I felt down about my driving. I feel like I learned a lot from him, so now I feel I have become a better driver thanks to him!




Shahed was an excellent teacher who was very considerate and patient during his teaching lessons and, was very flexible with his available hours.


David Luong


Amazing driving instructor, learned a lot from him!




Highly Recommended Instructor: Imran\r\nDespite the fact that I found it to be nerve wrecking to undertake the task of acquiring a G2 license, my driving instructor; Imran, was easily able to teach me the fundamentals and advanced aspects of driving. Imran is punctual and prioritizes the success of his students. Imran is exceedingly tolerant of new drivers and communicates effectively. I would highly recommend that prospective students request for Imran as their driving instructor. \r\n




My instructor Saira, was so patient and helpful in teaching new concepts and using the best meathod to convey the monuovers. Cound't have passed my test without her help.




This was a great driving school to learn at. I learned a lot in an efficient manner while having lots of fun. My driving instructor helped me tons, and my skills as a driver improved and developed remarkably! Thanks so much to Ultimate and my driving instructor Imran. With a lot of patience, excellent instruction and an awesome attitude I think I've become a great driver !\r\n- Prav




These lessons were very good and my instructor Sean was thorough and very helpful to me.




Tom was an incredible teacher, he taught me many useful ways to park and turn; though the snow doesn't help, I feel I'll will pass my test!




Thank you Tariq for your patience in the car. This instructor has easy and simple methods for learning and is also persistent. I recommend Tariq to all drivers, an overall great person. Thank you very much Ultimate Drivers. Thank you Tariq




Ultimate Drivers is a great school for any student. It taught me how to be a safe and defensive driver. Anyone who is lucky enough to be paired up with Imran will be taught everything they need to know to pass the G1 Exit Test. Great school and best driving instructor around!




My instructor with Ultimate Drivers was Kamar aka \"Kramer\". He was a great instructor and his methods for parking were awesome. He was also very helpful with booking my G2 test and keeping me updated about the previous strike. Having him as an instructor means a guaranteed pass on your G2 test, which is what I did. A big thanks to Kamar and Ultimate Drivers.




I just passed my g2 test on the first try and its all thanks to Ali my instructor. Both me and the another of Ali's student both passed on the same day in Oakville. We were both complimented on our parallel parking which is one of the harder parking methods to do. Ali was a great a guide and teacher, he's a funny guy and while driving I was never nervous while with him. If you get the chance, I highly recommend Ali!


Sean Plunkett


Vic was a very good driving instructor. Taught concepts quickly and easily. Got my lessons in quickly and was able ti get my license faster because of it.


Luke Ierullo


Ultimate drivers was a great school to go to, my driving instructor Kamar was really nice and very descriptive. I now am extremely confident driving alone.




My driving instructor was Kamar (aka Kramer) and i was very satisfied with his ability to teach me how to drive. He always kept calm and had ways to help me fix the problems I had had while driving. If it weren't for him i don't know if i could have passed the G2 test like i did. I am forever thankful for his work and for the experience. I could not have asked for a better driving instructor!




My experience with Ultimate Drivers (Brampton) has been excellent to date. After my online research and reading the testemonials I called and was greeted with a friendly voice (Sabrina) who put me on to Tony to answer the questions I had. He told me an instructor would called me shortly to make arrangements for my five on the road lessons (Paid $180 and saved $10 as well). My driving instructor, Imran called later that day and we made arrangement to get started.\r\nImran was a professional yet friendly from day one. He always checked to ensure that your G1 licence is in your possession. He pays attention to every detail and teaches and correct in a way that makes it alot easier to grasp and correct faults.\r\nThe lessons learnt are not just to enable me to take the G2 test in a few days but vital lessons that could be a life saver in my years to come as a driver. A world of thanks Imran, and thank you Ultimate Drivers.\r\n


Rhodora Javier


Sam (in class) and BJ (in car) You are the best! Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a Brilliant Instructors, like you guys. Thank you so much and More Power!!!




I thank Rani for the training and guidance given to me in obtaining my G2 license.


Rita Jakobschuk


I am the parent of a 16 year old daughter who just completed the class portion and driving portion and successfully got her drivers license on her first try. Many thanks to B.J. her Ultimate driving instructor. He was fabulous! I would recommend him to anyone. What he taught my daughter was invaluable. He's very thorough and very personable. He really knows his stuff and communicates it well with the students. I also used him for my older daughter who passed her full G license recently. THANK YOU B.J.!


Tracy N.


Shout out to my driving instructor Kamar! Having never been in a car before, I was so nervous but Kamar managed to make the entire experience a breeze. He is extremely knowledgable and experienced so he knows all of the tips & tricks. But most importantly, you can tell that he genuinely cares about his students and is totally invested in their success! He stayed with me until the moment I got my G2! Make sure you ask for Kamar! He's hella funny too.


Katie Pennie


I was a student of Shari, and as a learning driver I couldnt have asked for a better instructor. From day one it was a low pressure environment in the car which made learning how to be a safe driver easy and natural. I took the Advanced Lessons which took me out onto the highway, taught me how to do emergency stops, what to do if my breaks go out, I had extensive training on how to manage the wheel...I even learned how to serpentine through pylons in reverse which at the time seemed impossible. It was a great expirience and a positive one as well. AND I havent even been close to causing one accident :)


leandro resendes


Vick is very relaxed, he takes away the presure from driving. great teacher, great person as well. he is also very supportive.




My instructor was Vic and he was very helpful and patient! Highly recommend




Farzana was an excellent teacher! I had lots of fun with her and she made my driving experience very confotable and enjoyable. I a very glad I got the pleasure to meet her, and even more so, be her student. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!


Arun Ram


Thanks Ronnie, for being more patient. I got G pass today.




When I started I was very nervous. Vic was very kind and helped me along the way. I was able to pass the road test with his help... And I got 98%!! I recommend Vic 100%!!!


Alizé Armstrong


Peter was my driving instructor. From the first day he was kind and funny and took any fears I had away. He has his own tips and tricks that helped me to feel comfortable driving. He was flexible and always on time, and he always made sure that I was prepared and that any of my questions were answered. I got my G2 thanks to him :)




I'd just like to thank Ultimate Drivers and Rodney for being an awesome driving school and a great driving instructor. I learned a lot of helpful techniques and driving precautions that are really going to benefit my driving skills in the future. It was a great experience (both classroom and in-car) and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn how to drive properly and safely to take the course at Ultimate Drivers, Burlington.


warren azzopardi


BJ is an excellent instructor. He taught me advanced techniques for maintaining safe driving that really helped me develop a habit of. I now drive with much more confidence on the road. Thank you BJ for your patience and confidence in my skills, it really helped me become the driver i am today.


Christian ferraro


Great service with good instructors.




Why is it that whenever i get in the car with shari, bad things seem to happen on the road...they become 100x more dangerous! :| basically during my lesson, a speeding SUV hit the curb and mailbox then blew out both tires, a HUGE truck was carrying sand and it blew up everywhere, and sooo many more things happened that i cant remember. But anyways, i think i would've totally sat there freaked out if shari wasnt there. SHE'S SO AWESOME!!!! :)


Uzair jawaid


Ronnie was good at teaching to drive and the rules of the road, also had good tips.\r\nIn class was fun and helped me get my g2 first try


Julia Naumik


GeePee was a great instructor. She helped me learn how to drive in a safe and orderly way. With this in mind I passed my G2 test thanks to her teachings.




I went to ultimate Drivers and I learn from ronnie who taught safe driving. Every body needs to do the advanced course. That's help you big time. If you are a new learner. I pass one shot today in Brampton. Thank you ronnie and Ultimate Drivers.


Isik Uransel


I must say that everyone at Ultimate Drivers has been absolutely fantastic! Fatima and Sandy have been so wonderful and their support and patience has been vital in my success as a new driver! SANDY... without your guidance I don't think I could have overcome my fear of driving! Thank you to all the staff of the Mississauga location, and if I ever get the chance to recommend a Driving School in the future it will be with all of you!




Ali = BEST TEACHERRRR. Such a nice guy and so easy to talk to, he makes learning sooo easy. He taught me so well, i am very confident in passing my G2 test tomorrow because of him!\r\nGONNA MISS DRIVING AROUND WITH YOUUUU !


Connor Gresham


Ronnie was my instructor for both my G2 road test which I passed 3 years ago and for my G road test which I passed this morning. The best driving instructor out there. I recommend him to all my friends. He teaches you efficiently and is very kind and understanding. Fantastic experience again!




Great school, had a wonderful time in class great teacher. In car i was a very nervous driver but my teacher Imran was patient and helped pass my g2 test. Imran is very good instructor and is the reason I was able to pass my test.




My driving instructor was Rani, and she was great! It was because of her that I was able to pass my G test. She takes you through everything that you need to pass your test, emphasizing the important aspects. She is very patient and kind, and always put your needs before her own. She is a great instructor and I am very glad I had chosen to go with Ultimate Drivers


Funa Anomneze


Gurjeet is a great instructor. She is very patient and always teaches easy to learn techniques so that I can do things such as parallel parking, three point turns, etc. with ease. I was surprised at how much i had improved after only three in car lessons. She is also very easy to talk to which always makes my lessons enjoyable!


Richard McFarlane


Tariq's patience, knowledge and encouragement enabled me to gain the skills and confidence to pass my test and to drive safely.Tariq is a fantastic instructor, and he seems to genuinely enjoy his work which makes his lessons fun and unique.Tariq's teaching methods simplified driving into short memorable processes.\r\nThank you very much\r\nRichard McFarlane


Andrea B


WOOHOO!!! Heres to independence, the open road, the wind blowing though my hair, and the smell of exhaust fumes. Thanks to my instructor and the Ultimate driving team this is now a reality!!!\r\n\r\nKramer, Kramer, Kramer, where do I start. His extensive knowledge, helpful advice, and all around great personality made my experience with Ultimate and the process of acquiring my G2 easy as pie. He is truly invested in his students, acknowledging and fostering each individuals needs and potential. \r\n\r\nI would also like to give a shout out to the Ultimate \r\nin-class team (specifically Frank). Thanks for all your early Saturday and Sunday morning lectures, dedication, and motivating words of advice.\r\n\r\nYou guys really put your heart and soul into all your students and for that I will always be thankful!! Thanks for making the roads a safer place for us all!!\r\n\r\nAndrea :)


Monica Crnogorac


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ultimate Drivers for teaching me the rules of the road and everything that you need to know.\r\n\r\nI'd like to give my instructor Kamar a huge thank you for teaching me several methods on how to properly drive and successfully pass my G2 road test. Not only did I pass my G2 test, but because of Kamar, I was able to pass my road test with no mistakes. He is a great instructor who is patient, a fantastic teacher and an individual who is easy to talk to. I couldn't thank him enough!




Thanks ultimatedrivers for every thing. Today i am confident and safe driver due to you gyes espasiely my instructor Ronnie. He is awesome.Any body can lern from him to drive for real! He has an art of teaching.My dad watched my defensive driving which I learned from ronnie. He was proud of me and He said that Ronnie is the best! I will request everybody to learn Defensive driving. Its makes your life and the other drivers life on the road safe. Keep up the good work Ultimate Drivers and thanks again Ronnie.