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My instructor was the great Ali. He taught me the basic skills of driving and ways to be a defensive driver. Ali was calm, friendly, and easy to talk to which made me confident during my lessons. I am ready for my G2 and know I will show my skills and knowledge well thanks to my instructor, Ali.


Hayden Gelsumini


I am a more confident driver now and have learned how to drive smoothly without disturbing the other drivers. I also learned how to park properly in all styles. Thanks to ultimate for having excellent trainer like Shahed.


David Del Grosso


My driving instructor was Peter. He was a great teacher and a great guy. He knew exactly how to teach his students in a professional manner but also knew how to lighten the mood. I would recommend Peter to anyone who is looking to learn how to driver properly.




Gord was my in class teacher and was extremely easy to get a long with. He makes learning the rules of the road easy and fun, and builds you great confidence for driving on the road. He has ample experience and can answer any question you ask him, overall he's a really easy going guy.


Stanley Mcking


Rani my teacher was awesome! She taught me patiently the necessary skills to pass my G2 today,and also instilled a lot of confidence in me. Looking forward to training with her for my G road test. Will definitely recommend her (Rani) to all my friends and family.


Steven Connelly


10 out of 10 for ronnie and the ultimate driver team. I passed my G road test first try today in Brampton.


Jason Liu


My instructor was Ali he was funny and entertaining telling me about road safety and made me very easy in learning the driving techiques and made me a better driver . I'VE learned how to parrel park which I was never good at and showed me the easy method on how to over come that! There was alot of information he provided on driving and had alot of knowledge that he provided me on rules of the road! Good teacher and would consider other studnets to go with him he's the best!




Vic was a fantastic instructor!! In the beginning I was very hesitant and scared of driving, but with his guidance and encouraging words I got my G2!




Many thanks to Tariq, a great driving instructor who has made me a safer driver and more alert on the road. Learned so much more about safe driving. Many thanks also to my in-class teacher.




Over the past month I drove with Raja to prep for my G2 road test. Since I didn't have my own car to practice driving with during the 6 months prior, I was a bit rusty behind the wheel; but Raja helped me feel at ease to be driving again and helped me refine my technique and skills behind the wheel. Today, after literally only 25 hrs of in car time during the past 8 months... I passed my g2 road test on the first try, with only a few minor errors. \r\nThank you Raja for being such a patient and helpful teacher, and helping me build confidence and competence as a driver. Really appreciate it!


Ryan Laurenzi


Just got my G2 today, all thanks to Bj! if it wasnt for your help and support, i woulnt have passed my driving exam. I cant express to you how grateful i am for u showing me all the hints and tips of the road! Thank You!


Andrew pecile


Ronnie is the best driving instructor!! He helped me pass my G2 with his knowledge of Parallel parking techniques!


Alexander Arthur


Very good course as well as intrsuctor, both fun and serious at same time and finished with a pass on G2 first time, good service overall!




Really good teachers and made me feel comfortable driving.


Billie Jean Veliz


I had my road test on Wednesday, November 23rd. I passed with 100% and it was all due to my instructor Saira. \r\nI am a 42 year old first time extremely nervous driver. Saira, with her patience and knowledge helped me to become a confident driver. Her techniques for parallel parking are unique. She explains it all step by step and I will never think of Inertia in the same way again. With quiet reminders to keeping my focus on the pedals and not just on the steering, I was able to smoothly transition from uncomfortable and scare to confident and sure. Thank you Saira for your amazing abilities. I know anyone under your tutelage will pass their road test.\r\n\r\n


Josh dube


I am a student from Orangeville. Ronnie was my driving instructor. He told me to take exam in Brampton it's easier. I said okay then passed first try! Daniel was my in class teacher. I had a great experience with Ultimate Drivers and I passed learned plenty of useful driving skills! I can't say I would've gotten my licence today without the help from ultimate Drivers!




Iffy was my instructor and he was awesome! he was always on time for appointments and he was very nice and friendly and extremely helpful. I also learned a lot!


Caleb Jara


I had the BEST instructor in Brampton- Ronnie. He showed me everything i was doing wrong and taught me how to drive safely. He made sure I had fun during every lesson! I just passed my test today on my first try #OnlyInBrampton #OneShot #BrapBrap


Monaye Mitchell


Ronnie helped me so much and made my driving experience great. Excellent teacher. I passed my g2 test today in one shot. Thank you so much!




I finished my in car lessons with tariq and was pleased with the change in my driving ability. He helped me with many rules of the road and was easily understood. Also he was punctual and organized. Thanks!


Daniel Ebanks


This process of learning was so profound i don't know where to start, ahhh!!! yes the the class room, when i walked into that classroom i was looking at a lot of faces people whom i have never met in my life but with Mr. Gord's teaching that soon melted away i learned while having fun, the classroom was almost like a giant car with my fellow students and i learning while Mr. Gord spoke his heart out. I have personally heard a lot of buzz about the classroom making nosense, what!! if you werent theorised even a bit on the basics of the road the in-car lesson would be cotton candy. So the long and short of this the in-class lessons were very important and i so enjoyed them, moving on to the in-car lessons well i got to say i hardly drove, but my very firts in car lesson made me feel like i was driving before i were born my in car instuctor Imran lets say he kept up with my pase i am a fast learner and when some one has leaned something you simply ove on Mr. Imran did just that before you know it i was writing this testimonial, the idea is not fast learning its learning at your own pase and i was fortunate to have instructor like Imran whom noticed my learnig speed if you want to say he is adjustable, and Imran and Mr. Gord are basically the ones who helped me write this testimonial, by deepest gratitude goes out to you two and to ULTIMATE DRIVERS just keep doing what you are doing believe me it is right.


Troy A Bowen


I strongly recommend Ultimate Drivers to everyone doesn’t matter if you’re young, a mature adult or an elder. Ultimate Drivers instructors’ are phenomenal. One instructor in general was extraordinary. His name is Ali. \r\n \r\nI’ve learned a great deal from him that I could have not learned from any other instructor. He has made me a more cautious and observant driver. By having Ali as an instructor, I will avoid potential accidents in the future thanks to his phenomenal teaching. Ali was always energetic when with students, flexible and patient when it came to scheduling and rescheduling driving lessons. Ali has devoted himself 110% to educating potential drivers on the rules of the road. He was awesome!!!!! If you get the opportunity to choose an instructor, I recommend you choose Ali! I can go on but I don’t want this to be too lengthy or too sympathetic. Additionally, I’ll like to end off with an Thanks to Ultimate Drivers for teaching me the proper rules of the road, and giving me the confidence I needed to become an defensive driver and of course providing me with an informative and fantastic instructor. \r\n\r\nSpecial Thanks to Ali for your help, it means a lot!\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


Michael R


I had an excellent experience with Ultimate Drivers and my in car instructor Shari. She knows so much about driving and was an excellent teacher. I am heading into my road test next week with a very high level of confidence, and I'm sure she taught me everything I need to know to pass and be the best driver I can be.




I have passed my G2 exam yesterday at first try with only 5 sessions. All thanks to my driving instructor RANI! Rani, you are best.......




Thanks to Shahed for a great driving lesson. The lesson was very informative and taught me how to drive with a whole new confidence level. Learned how to parallel park, reverse park, and three point turn successfully in just one lesson! I also dont have a problem with acceleration and breaking anymore




I've only drove a couple of times with my parents so I was very unexperienced when I started my lessons. Peter created a relaxing enviornment and made learning fun. I passed my test on my first try! I would highly reccoment Peter as an instructor because he is a great teacher.




Very good at teaching. \r\nVery good at explaining and helping. \r\nVery nice guy. \r\nHe makes you want to come driving and learn with him. \r\nI can't see there be a better instructor.


Gillian Stacey


A HUGE thank you to Saira! Without her patience, kind words of advice and wonderful teaching methods I would not have successfully passed by G2 test today. Wishing you all the best!


Zachary Harvey


My instructor is Rani, She trains you really well in a calm and professional fashion. I took G2 exam and passed at my first attempt.\r\nShe is a really good instructor.




Just passed my G2. AC was my driver. Good teacher, good guy. Very Knowledgeable and he will help you learn and become a better driver.


John Clapperton


My experience with Ultimate Drivers has been great. Sean was an excellent instructor who taught me everything I needed to know to be a safe driver. The 5 additional lessons they offer are amazing and really helped feel confident in my driving and allowed me to pass the road test with ease. Thank you Sean and Ultimate Drivers!


Leonae Nichol


Vic is an excellent instructor. He definitely knows what he's doing and gives great advice. I recommend him to anyone who has never driven before.


Adam Gordon


Shari Donoghue was my driving instructor, and at first i was pretty nervious to get into the car with someone you don\\'t really now but is marking you on your driving skills, but she made it very comfortable, she talkative, makes you laugh and it doesn\\'t really seem like a course anymore it just seems like a drive but with random parking? haha. \r\ni didn\\'t only get my license but i gained a friend out of my experience aswell.




It was a pleasure working with ultimate drivers and my instructor Sunny. He is a very patient teacher who gives thorough instructions of each and every driving aspect. It was very much appreciated that he took his time to schedule my lessons out of his time. Due to his dedication to this job, I am much more confident on the road and am a much safer and skilled driver as compared to before. Thank you very much Ultimate Drivers for assigning me to an excellent teacher.




I passed my G2 today and i thank Imran for it. Imran was my instructor and i highly recommend him. Imran was very patient and a great teacher.




I loved Ultimate Drivers. Tariq was my driving instructor and he was extremely helpful and friendly. He answered all my questions and made parking really easy! (even parallel parking!) If you haven't started in car lessons you should definitely request Tariq!


Haley Asanin


Sean was very nice and helpful,at the many mistakes I made in the beginning,by the end I had become a pro.He's very relaxed which makes the lessons very relaxed and I don't feel uncomfortable.He has improved my skills to make me confident enough to take my test as soon as possible.\r\nTHANK YOU!




I had Eric as my instructor and he was absolutely fantastic. He was motivating, thorough, and extremely helpful. He taught me everything I needed to know and I am so much more confident thanks to him. He had great tips for each driving skill which helped me perfect them. I truly believe he changed my driving skills for the better. I passed my g2 test on the first try thanks to him! BEST instructor ever!


Talon Denton


Excellent teacher! Very patient man who loves to make jokes. He is very informative with his teachings. He helped me pass my G2 road test on the first time.


shantel beckford


I'm so happy I went with ultimate drivers for driving school. I highly recommend this driving school. For Gorde was a hilarious classroom teacher and my driving instructor Ronnie was amazing. He help me overcome all my fears and taught me so much and now I find driving so easy. I was the 6th person to do my g2 test today and we all passed thanks to him. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!


Gloria M


just wanted to thank Naveen for being such a great, and supportive driving instructor. Passed my test with confidence. He was very accommodating- always worked around my schedule. thanks naveen!




For my in class lesson I had Gord, and for my in car I had Raja. Both are amazing instructors! Gord is fun and thorough with his knowledge of on road rules and he makes the classes less boring with his humour. Raja is a great driving instructor! Ive never driven in a car before and I learned everything from him and I just took my G2 test today and passed! Over all I had a great experience with Ultimate Drivers!




I had a great experience learning how to drive through Ultimate Drivers, for my in car lessons I had the privilege of having Tariq as my driving instructor.Tariq was very patient and helpful when it came to teaching me different techniques and drills. Because of him I now have a better sense of confidence behind the wheel. I will forever be grateful for all of the time he put in to making me the driver I am today. Thank you so much Tariq!!!


Tarnbir Minhas


The classes were very educational, i was taught many new things and was given real life experiences from the teacher to help understand more of the subject. Also during in-car lessons my instructer Ali was very supportive towards me driving, he had saved me the time of fearing over the test by guaranteeing my success.


stephen bartlett


Daniel was my instructer, this guy knows what he's doing. I haven't been so comfortable driving until I got into the car with him and he showed me all the little things that I needed to know. I passed my G1 road test because of him with 98%. With a 98! Best teacher I've ever had.




I passed my G2 this morning, and wanted to send a big thanks to Sal! I found him to be a fabulous instructor- he had patience, answered any questions I had and made me feel a lot more at ease before the test. I was anxious about taking the test, but was confident that he knew I was prepared and ready to go! I will definitely be returning to him before going for my G license. \r\n\r\nThanks for your help Sal, I will be recommending UD to anyone that comes my way.




I would like to thank Ultimate Drivers for their driving lesson experience. I really learned a lot and will keep this knowledge for the rest of my life and now feel I am very prepared to be a safe driver on the roads. Thanks to my driving instructor Vijay, I am confident and safe. \r\nThank you! \r\n




Got my G2 license just today, its was a nerve wrecking but my instructor Goran believe on me that I can do it and I did. My instructor is the best not only by teaching techniques but boosting your confidence. Thank you Sir, it so nice learning with you, your calmness, knowledge and boosting my confidence made me pass the test. Thank you also to the Ultimate Drivers for having the best instructor ever. What I learned from this journey practice practice practice with the person who believe in you that you can do it and it never go wrong. IM HAPPY!




Thank you Goran and Mark!, Ultimate drivers helped me become more confident on the road and learn how to parallel park and all that fun stuff. I am waiting to go for my G2 test and am not as nervous as before, thanks to Goran!


Olivia Croome


I passed my g2 test today.