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I passed my G2 test and i just want to thank Peter for being the best driving instructor of life!


Ethan Wakarchuk


Ronnie was a very great driving instructor and I think I couldn't have done it without him. I had my G2 test today, I passed. I also had finished my in class lessons and drive online as well. Now I am a certified G2 driver thanks to Ultimate Drivers. WoooooHoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!


Osman Kayani


I would like to sincerely thank Sam and BJ for their terrific work, as i passed my G2 road test on my first try with flying colors. \r\n\r\nSame, who was my in class teacher, made learning in class less painful. His humor and ability to communicate made things sensible even when half asleep. Thank you Sam for your outstanding work.\r\n\r\nBJ, who was my in car instructor, was beyond amazing. His tips to driving made everything to simple and easy to remember. His welcoming attitude goes a long way. But the most appealing thing i found about BJ was his genuine concern for your safety. He wants to make sure all his students are safe while driving and expresses his own experience. His ability to teach in different ways (such as using toy cars) made things easier to sense. If you get BJ, like said before by other students, you are certainly setting yourself up for a pass!\r\n\r\nThank you BJ and Sam!


mitalee mohan


vic is a very good instructor. He doesnt make you nervous while you are driving. he also teaches you the easiest methods




I still find it hard to believe that I got my G2 License today and I can't stop myself from thanking this man who is excellent in what he does. The best man in town, for sure, who can help you in getting Driving Licence. Full of optimism with outstanding knowledge giving attention to details, astounding teaching techniques and he knows all sorts of tricks, very friendly, patient, kind, courteous, and very comfortable to work with . I was truly blessed to have a Guru like you - Rana Sir. \r\nYou were amazing !! You have converted a less confident, timid guy to a fearless, confident, champion driver.Most Obliged to you today and always will be.


Aina Sonde


I have been driving for years before arrival in Canada. I took 5-lesson package and passed my G2 test on the first attempt.\r\nThe feat was possible, thanks to the professionalism, techniques and the teaching methods adopted by my instructor Abdul (Bob). He could make a confident driver out of a nervous one. With him it makes passing easy. Abdul is highly recommended.\r\nMany thanks, Aina




Tariq was an amazing instructor...He made me feel safe, confidant, and comfortable every time I got behind the wheel...he taught me a few good tricks for things like parking as well.




One of the most difficult things for an experienced driver of 13 years is not just to learn the test-passing techniques, it is to unlearn and then re-learn the practices one's been used to for such a long time . I consider myself lucky to get Rani as my instructor. She had a very thorough understanding of what the examiners observe during the test and communicates the key points, not only to get through with the test but also becoming a safe and vigilant driver! Very professional and punctual personality. I was lucky to find her at the right time as my deadline was just 7 weeks away! I passed my G test in Oakville with her her help in November 2016, in my first attempt!


Anne H


Just got my G2 with 96%. Thanks to Sal and his excellent driving instructions and attention to detail. If you are looking to take lessons: 1. Choose Ultimate Drivers 2. Ask for Sal! \r\n\r\nThanks!




RONNIE WAS AN AWESOME INSTRUCTOR!!!He explained things very clear and simple and was very patient, especially with parallel parking! He was very flexible with times that my schedule allowed, including early hours and evening!I would highly recommend him, as he is an amazing driving instructor!!




Great instructor who have really good feedback! Wouldn't have passed without her


Tiana Tzogas


Ultimate Drivers was a lot of help to me. The in class portion of the school was good. You watch a lot of helpful videos and the teachers thoroughly address concepts and knowledge on driving etc. The online homework was good. Teachers were a lot of help with that and the homework was very straight forward and common knowledge from the course. My in car instructor, Imran, was a very great help. He was easy to get along with, he made it a comfortable atmosphere and created a fun learning experience. I would not choose anyone else to be my instructor, Imran tought me everything and i feel so much more confident behind the wheel. I am very ready to do my G2 test! Thanks so much Ultimate!


phoebe edel lonogan


Got my g2 license today... thanks a lot to saira... she never ever give up to me... for a new young driver and new here in canada its hard for me to pick up.. but saira didnt give up to teach me to be a good driver and safe driver.... I will highly recommend saira.... thanks to ultimate drivers and thank u so much to saira... she work so hard for me.... everything is appreciated!!!!


Greg Eschweiler


Hello Kim,\r\nMy oldest son Eric Eschweiler did your program and went for his G2 test today January 06, 2016.\r\nHe passed with flying colours (not one thing was corrected by the driver examiner) thanks to you and Omar and his brother with the in car instructions.Eric loved the flexibility in times to do the driving times with Omar. Our youngest son Adam will be in your August class when he turns 16.\r\n\r\nThanks for a great program and great fee.\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\nGreg Eschweiler




I had an amazing teacher. Learned so much from him. Ultimate Drivers is a great company.




Saira was great! very good teacher, taught me everything i needed to know about driving. Test is next week and I am very confident I will pass!




Gord always made the in-class part interesting and my driving instructor Peter kept everything calm and relaxed- especially good cause i started with near zero experience. So yeah overall good experience.




firstly, when i was politely asked to submit a testimonial by my driving instructor, zacky, i only felt obliged to express my admiration and appreciation for such. i've become well equiped with the skills that are necessary in order to be a competent driver. i feel as though i have the experience one who has been driving for much longer than i actually have. i can't wait to take my driving test. thanks ultimate drivers! and thank you zacky. i highly reccomend you to all others who wish to become safe and better drivers.




UD is a great school, it taught me everything i need to know to get my G2. My driving instructor sandy is a great teacher, she is teaching me everything i need to know. She explains and shows you everything so its easy, and i am ready to pass the tests. So Thanks UD and Sandy. :)\r\n\r\n


Harjee Sandhu


My experience with Ultimate Drivers and Sandy, my driving instructor, was excellent. Sandy was always on time and went to any measure necessary to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing on the road. She was patient with me whenever I struggled and allowed me to repeat things (i.e. parallel parking) as many times as I needed with no rush. Sandy was very comfortable and so she made me more comfortable. Just a great experience overall, couldn't have asked for a more seamless and helpful learning experience than that I got with Sandy!


Vivian Chiem


My experience with Ultimate Drivers was great, thanks to my driver instructor Naveen. He has supported and encouraged me since the first day I started. He taught me how to drive smoothly and efficiently. I am confident in my skills now because of him. I recommend Naveen and Ultimate Drivers for anyone who is learning how to drive.


Stanley Mcking


Rani my teacher was awesome! She taught me patiently the necessary skills to pass my G2 today,and also instilled a lot of confidence in me. Looking forward to training with her for my G road test. Will definitely recommend her (Rani) to all my friends and family.


Connor Gresham


Ronnie was my instructor for both my G2 road test which I passed 3 years ago and for my G road test which I passed this morning. The best driving instructor out there. I recommend him to all my friends. He teaches you efficiently and is very kind and understanding. Fantastic experience again!




A great thank you to Kramer who helped me get my g2 license (with a great score too!). He was really patient with me although I was a horrible driver in the beginning and in the two weeks that I had lessons with him, I improved tremendously. He does a great job at explaining. Also those driving tips worked like magic!




Great experience. My instructor was Peter, good guy, very chill,always constructive criticism and nothing but good times during the 10 lessons I had with him. All added up and I got my g2. I strongly recommend Peter to anyone trying to get their license.




This program helped me a lot, most of which i already knew because i read the book and took my g1 test. The most essential part of the program for me was the in car lessons. My instructor Sunny really helped me by telling me what i needed to do, explaining it, and making sure i was comfortable. I'm going for my G2 hopefully by the end of this month, so hopefully everything he has taught me will help me to succeed. :)




I had a great experience driving with my instructor, Kamar. He ensured that my experience was both successful and enjoyable when preparing for my G2 road test. Kamar instilled a great deal of confidence in my driving abilities and prepared me very well for the driving exam. I would highly recommend him to any new drivers.


Jasmin D


My instructor, Kamar was amazing! It was because of him, I passed my G2 Test on the first try. He is extremely patient, kind and knowledgeable when it comes to teaching one how to drive. And he will go out of his way to make sure you understand all the concepts you might be tested on for the final test. I highly recommend anyone who wants to book driving lessons at Ultimate Drivers is to book it with Kamar. All the best to you and Ultimate Drivers!!!


Matthew McIlhargey


Well I just passed my G2 road test on the first try all because of my driving instructor Peter. I find myself to be very lucky to have had Peter as my instructor, everything he has shown me has helped greatly and I will never forget what he has tought me. Also the jokes and the fun times will driving we had weren't so bad either. If I did not have Peter for a instructor I would not be driving right now, thanks Peter.


Patrick Castaneda


Ultimate Drivers was a great experience and very informing. The in-car teaching was great. My instructor, Tariq, was very friendly and helped me correct my driving issues quite easily. Thank you.


Mason Vanderknaap


Shahed was a great instructor. He helped me gain confidence to become a better driver!




I took the express 4 day course this past May with Frank. I had a great experience because we were always learning new things and watching informative videos. He also tells a lot of stories which is great!! For the on-road, I had the wonderful experience of being taught by Kamar. He was very flexible when scheduling lessons, very patient when teaching me different techniques, and a large part of the reason I passed the road test on the first try! I would definitely recommend this location if you're looking for a driving school. I'm coming back for my G test next year :)


Sara khemraj


Patient instructors, and competent.


Evan Frederick


Ultimate Drivers is not short of its name! My in-class instructor, Gord, was fantastic and funny and really made the otherwise boring course, enjoyable. My driving instructor, Peter, was also amazing and made the G2 examination really easy. I am very satisfied with my decision to go with UD and would recommend them to anyone!




My teacher was Ali he was very good and provided detailed techniques on how to improve and how to take control on how to drive easier. He was always avaible and very calm and aformative in his instructions and easy to unseat and, he was helpful and made me more relax behind the wheel ,good teacher and recommend him to others!




At Ultimate Drivers, I had Shari as my instructor and I'm super glad I did because she is one of the nicest persons, and best teachers you'll ever meet. She's really funny and keeps you calm. She taught me a bunch of things that I'll never forget because Shari always makes sure to see if you understand something before moving on, and she's very patient. She is very detailed and I would highly recommend her to anybody out there. She's perfect!




My experience to ultimate drivers with Naveen he taught me a lot how to drive safe, patient, focus and etc. Now I pass my G2 license




Passed my G2 ! \r\n\r\nThanks to Imran and Ultimate Drivers.


nishi singh


Thank you ultimate drivers for giving me such a good in car instructor.Sandy is a good instructor and made things very easy.i will go an extra mile to recommend her to my friends.




Vic: \r\nHe is an amazing easy going instructor that cares about his students. He not only teaches with care but also makes sure that the students are well able to apply the knowledge learnt in class in real life. I definitely recommend him as an instructor to either a new driver or an experienced driver. \r\nThanks Vic for being the awesome teacher!




My teacher was Peter, he was very good and I learned very quickly. He made the experience enjoyable. Passed my test no problem.


Steven V


I just finished my final lesson last week. My instructor was AC and he did a wonderful job teaching me what I needed to know, and was very patient and instructive! He was accommodating of my sometimes confusing work schedule, and was able to make adjustments when I required a dropoff at work. I now feel confident enough to take the test (also learned the mantra \"Up and out, down and in!\"). Thankyou AC and Ultimate Drivers!




I had a great experience learning how to drive through Ultimate Drivers, for my in car lessons I had the privilege of having Tariq as my driving instructor.Tariq was very patient and helpful when it came to teaching me different techniques and drills. Because of him I now have a better sense of confidence behind the wheel. I will forever be grateful for all of the time he put in to making me the driver I am today. Thank you so much Tariq!!!




Ultimate drivers was a great experience. My instructor Tariq really helped me become a better driver. He improved my driving skills greatly and gave me confidence behind the wheel. I would definitely recommend Ultimate drivers everyone.


Casandra Onifrichuk


I just passed my G1 exit test yesterday on my first try, and I honestly don't think I could have passed the first time around without my instructor Daniel. He made me a much more confident driver and a better as well as a more cautious driver, I can now parallel park like a pro and before I honestly kind of sucked at it. All the skills I learned from Daniel in car and in class I will continue to use in my everyday driving to keep myself and others safe on the road. I am very happy with Ultimate Drivers and I would recommend it to anyone who is just starting out with driving. Definitely worth the money and travelling if you are not located in Orangeville. Thank you!


Ashley C


I just wanted to thank my driving instructor Peter for putting up with me through all those lessons! He really taught me a lot. I felt very comfortable in the car with him, he's always very calm and funny! Thanks to him, i can drive a car! :)


Talon Denton


Excellent teacher! Very patient man who loves to make jokes. He is very informative with his teachings. He helped me pass my G2 road test on the first time.




Sandy is the best instructor, enough said. Very patient and very friendly. I had great conversations with her as well. I highly recommend people to have her as your instrunctor. You won't regret it.




Ultimate Drivers is the best, my instructor taught me everything i need for the road test... thanks.




I had two previous instructors then I had Ronnie and within 4 lessons I I passed my G2 test. Thank you ultimate Drivers and ronnie. You guys are the best.