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Cassandra Argao


Kramer was the best instructor I could’ve asked for. I wouldn’t have my license without him.


Gaby Rosales


For the Ultimate Driving experience definitely ask for Shawn! He was great, and very nice. He is very flexible and informative. He taught me so much!




I've only drove a couple of times with my parents so I was very unexperienced when I started my lessons. Peter created a relaxing enviornment and made learning fun. I passed my test on my first try! I would highly reccoment Peter as an instructor because he is a great teacher.




My instructor Rani, was very nice and knowledgeable of all the driving rules. She provided excellent advice and good tips on how to learn and remember the rules of the road! She helped me pass my G2 road test with confidence! Thanks Rani!


Paterno Oracion


My driving instructor was Ronnie and he was vey patient with all the aspects that I needed to learn. Very systematic with his way of teaching that I went through my course with enough resources to drive on the road.


veronica ferreira


I honestly couldnt of asked for a better teacher, so pleased with his help. I got my g2 on my first try and couldnt of been happier. Vic corrected all that I had difficulty on. It was never akward, I felt comfortable and safe learning from him. I would recommend him to anyone I know. He gave me positive feedback and I have quoted him to my friends 'im not waiting for my license, my license is waiting for me'. Thanks again!!!!:)




I want to thank Ultimate Drivers and my driving instructor, Imran, for the helpful guidance and instruction I received.Imran taught me so many things, and corrected me when ever I made a mistake.Imran is a very good instructor and a very nice person. He guided me through all of my driving classes very well, and successfully.I would like to thank him very much for his great teaching, and patience as well as the laughs we shared. Thanks Imran!\r\n\r\nCassandra.


jonathan williams


I went to ultimate driver and everything was perfect. Class was fun and my instructor Ronnie was the best. He made everything easy to understand. If you ever get this guy as an instructor, consider yourself blessed I really can't believe I did my road test in one shot (in Brampton)


Bryan , Lee


Ultimate driver program let me get G2 lisence easily.\r\nEspecially, thank you for my drive instructor BJ. Despite my driving was terrible(not now kk);INSERT INTO reviews VALUES he always being polite, calm and kind. also, His encouragement at the test day make me pass the G2 lisence. \r\n\r\nthank you UD and BJ


Amanda Bettencourt


I had Tariq, he was awesome and very supportive I recommend him to all new to come drivers at ultimate drivers. Thanks Tariq, passed my g2 test first time! Even though I was super nervous Tariq knew I would pass :)


Sineli Gamage


Yesterday I passed my G2 exam on the first try, I am so grateful for my amazing instructor Rani. She was very good at teaching me how to properly drive, and helped me fix my mistakes. I highly recommend Rani, I couldn't have had a better instructor!




When I first went for in-car lessons I thought I knew most of what I was doing, however with Saira I learned there is so much more to driving than we think. I learned that it isn't all about the person driving but also defensive driving and being alert. Saira, I really want to express my thanks to you! You are an amazing driving instructor and no matter how many times I have forgotten a small detail you were there to help and remind me along the way! Now these little things are starting to become habits that are making my driving a lot safer than it was. I highly recommend Saira, especially for new drivers because she is always calm and collected! Though I was not new to driving I was still nervous about taking my G2, however with Saira as my instructor behind me I believe with confidence I will pass! Thank you Saira for your knowledge, patience, humor and kindness! Even in such a short amount of time you have become someone I will always remember, especially when I drive.




Vic provides learning drivers with much needed information and techniques that are much needed for the g2 test. He also gives the driver as much advice and practice with driving as they feel needed. Thanks Vic, i passed my roadtest first time


Daniel Buenaventura


Trained with Ronnie. It's a great experience for in car lessons, ultimate Drivers you the great school, thank you guys.




I would like to take this time to thank ultimate drivers as well as my instructor Dave. He was knowledgeable and had an easy going manner and made it easy to learn the proper driving procedures. Before my G2 test he made me feel relaxed and took my mind off of it and said to just do what I was taught and would have no problem which I didn't so THANKS again. Now time to get back to driving




MY instructors was Ronnie, and he was amazing. He made me feel comfortable and confident. I was able to pass my G2 test on my first try. He was very helpful and reliable. I recommend ultimate drivers to everyone.




Shawn helped me become a more confident driver. I was taught the foundation needed to drive smoothly and be a safe driver. He gradually taught me techniques and gave tips on how to improve in a highly professional manner.




I would just like to thank AC. He was a great instructer and i couldnt have gotten my g2 without him.\r\n\r\nThanks AC


Carlos A


I have just completed my driving lessons with Peter, I had a different instructor before but Peter was more efficient and easier to work with, lessons with him were always a great time and I always learned something new with him, great service very much recommended.




I went to ultimate Drivers, private student for G test, they give me a instructor name, Ronnie, there's no words can explain about him. He's to good. He is experience quality of safe driving, instructions & routs planing. Thank you ultimate Drivers for give me a wonderful instructor Ronnie. I will keep posted for you guys. It's a real good advantage to use instructor car.


Aswin Fernandaes


Lucky is a great driving instructor. I had no driving experience what-so-ever, like i never been on the actual road behind the wheel. Lucky definitely taught me everything what so ever there is to know about the roads and driving skills. I was hesitant at first to have a driving instructor whom I had never met before. lucky made everything so easy,less stressful and taught me with a great attitude. He kept a very professional attitude throughout my all in-car lessons. he made driving very easy and comfortable for me. Now I am driving with awareness and confidence. Lucky is a great driving instructor and he is funny too.thanks to ultimate drivers giving me such a amazing driving instructor.\r\nThanks alot lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!\r\n\r\n\r\n


Alex Gumbrell


Ultimate Drivers was a great experience for me. My Class instructor Sam was absolutely amazing. I highly enjoyed his classes, and they were fun, and very educating. I took the 4 day class sessions (2 sessions each day);INSERT INTO reviews VALUES which helped a lot. Overall, the class was a positive place to be, tons of nice people, who I've made friendships with as well. Ultimate Drivers, has taught me many things I did not know before, or had a different opinion on before learning the proper way. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone seeking drivers Ed classes. Thanks again Sam, for an awesome time!




Ultimate Drivers was great. Gord is by far one of the funniest people I have ever met, he made the in-class sessions a blast, teaching us everything we needed to know. And a very special shout out to Imran my in car instructor who taught me absolutely everything there is to know and made getting my G2 one of the easiest things possible. I would recommend Imran to anyone. Thank You Everyone !




My experience with ultimate drivers was a very enjoyable one. Imran was a great teacher. He taught me how to drive safe and efficiently. His way of teaching not only makes you a better driver but makes you confident as a person. He carefully studied my driving and always pointed out my mistakes so he could help me do better. He is ultimately a kind, funny guy.


Emily M


My driving instructor was Kramer; I can honestly say that he is amazing at what he does. He was extremely helpful every lesson and was willing to go the extra mile in order to make sure I was road ready. Thanks to Kramer I passed by G1 exit test today! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive from the best.


Rahul Jani


Just passed my G2 exam yesterday at first try with only 4 sessions. All thanks to my driving instructor RANI! She doesn’t only teach how to drive but he also encourages me to be more confident and safe driver. Thank you Ultimate Drivers. But most of all, thank you to you RANI for being the best!!!




Saira was a very helpful and patient driving instructor. She was very knowledgeable and helped me gain confidence in driving. Thank you, Saira!


Mehrije Gashi


My experience with instructor Rani was great . She is very experienced and patient ,and exellent instructor.\r\nI almost had started to beleive that I will not get my licence but after starting my lessons with her she made me beleive that this is easy. And it was . Thanks to her now I am fully licenced .She really taught me everything.


Fernando Nogueira


My driving instructor was excellent! Her name is Rani and I recommend that everyone go with her! I had an excellent experience and she made sure everything was perfect.\r\n\r\nThanks again Rani!




I had an excellent learning experience with my driving instructor Nina. She taught me all the rules of the road and fundamentals of driving to ensure safety and confidence.


Peter C.


Ali is an excellent and professional driving instructor. He taught me so many useful tips and ensured that I am a safe driver. He is funny, friendly, and enjoyable. I definitely recommend Ali!




I had Peter as my instructor. I have my G2 test today and I can say I'm prepared. If it wasnt for his patients and his willing ness to teach me to do the stuff for my test I wouldn't be as prepared. He's a great and funny guy! If you have him you'll have a blast! Thank you for everything.\r\n- Erin :)


Angelina Suarez


Guerjeat is very good at making you feel comfortable in situations and helping with your mistakes. Shes also really nice and doesnt put pressure on you when youre driving. Definitely recommend.




my driving instructor was more than i can ask for. i had saira and she is an amazing instructor!. it was calm through the lessons and she let me be confidant about my driving, she was friendly and nice and very FUNNY! my driving improved alot!! thank you so much! anyone that has her your got lucky :)


Laura Cooper


In class, Gord was very informative on road rules and regulations and was good at keeping the class' attention. My driving instructor, Raja, was punctual and also very clear and encouraging during my lessons. He made sure I was a safe driver and that I was confident in my driving, and therefore I was ready to pass my G2 road test. Thanks Ultimate Drivers!




I passed because of Peter! Taught me how to drive well, and I got my license with ease because of him.


Cody McGory


Zahid(jack) was a great teacher, and is the only reason I have passed the exam, he has taught me a lot about driving and has been available for the times I have needed him, learning from him was an enjoyable time and I'm thankful for all he has done


amber haden


wouldnt have passed my driving test without vic. Great teacher ! Couldn't have ask for a better one !


Nathaniel H


Sal was a fantastic instructor. He was patient during lessons and helpful. He helped me feel more confident behind the wheel and helped me pass my G test. I recommend Sal for any driving lessons.


Brittney Oliveira


Tariq was my driving instructor & he was awesome in every way! He taught me everything I needed to know and had a great personality which made me enjoy my lessons with him! As soon as I found out he was my instructor I was so happy because all of my friends had nothing but good feedback to say. I highly suggest you recommend him for your lessons :) I love driving & I love it even more because of him!!




Ali = BEST TEACHERRRR. Such a nice guy and so easy to talk to, he makes learning sooo easy. He taught me so well, i am very confident in passing my G2 test tomorrow because of him!\r\nGONNA MISS DRIVING AROUND WITH YOUUUU !


Fisayo Olayinka


Ronnie was the best driving instructor anyone can ever have, he is very knowledgeable and has a lot of ways to teach you, Ronnie always had a good attitude and gave me a lot of confidence on the road he also thought me a lot of Technics i could use to feel better when I'm driving and that is why i passed my test on my first try. i would like to thank Ronnie for his encouragement and help because i learned a lot from him in such a short period of time.




My instructor was Ali and what I like about him he taught me how to be a better driver and showed me the best way on tips how to parallEl park better,tole me the best ways on how to make proper left turns and be good and my surroundings., he makes good conversation and is nit boaring at all and fun to be with,made me feel confortable behind the wheel and build up my confidence, I am.ready g2 and looking forward to going with him and pass , great teacher and recommend to others !




Raja is a very good instructor.\r\nThe way he teaches was very effective, and he was very patient with me.\r\nHe analyzed how I was driving and provided custom tailored lessons.\r\nI passed my test at one shot- which i could have never done it by myself.\r\nThanks Raja!




My teacher was Raja, he was the best! Passed the G2 road test on the first try and I felt very safe and at ease when driving in the car with him. Very nice and is a great teacher.




Ultimate Drivers is an awesome place to go for the nervous and scared first time driver. Not only was the course work very informational but it taught me so much! \r\n\r\nOn the road, I had the most wonderful instructor named Kramer. He was very patient and kind and a wonderful person to get to know. He taught me so much about what to look out for when driving and tips to learn and remember down the road.\r\n\r\nEven though I did not pass the first time for my G2 because of nerves; I got it dead on the second time with a 94%! I would highly recommend this school and Kramer for anyone and everyone who is new and especially nervous. \r\n


Kerlea Joseph


My driving instructor was Zab and he was extremely knowledgeable about driving as well as what to expect on the actual driving test! When I started learning with Ultimate Drivers, I had never even been behind the wheel of a car before but with the instruction I received from Zab, I was able to easily pass my G2.




A.J was my instructor and he made drivers training very funny with his jokes and stories, he really related everything to everyday life. Hope I get him as my incar instructor:)


Crystal Gottfried


I am 30 years old and have avoided driving my whole life because I was so scared. I have tried driving on a few occasions with friends, family and other instructors all resulting in me giving up and feeling hopeless. Kamar was my driving instructor from Ultimate drivers and honestly I can't believe how far I've come with his help. Not only am I no longer nervous to drive but two days ago I passed my G2 road test with a 96% on my first tr. Kamar always helped me work on things that I was concerned about until I was comfortable with it. He covered all the areas of driving that I ever could think of and he was very encouraging and honest. I would encourage anyone who is learning to drive to use not only this company but also to request Kamar. I wish I would have taken lessons with him years ago! Thank you so much for helping change my life.


Esa belleza medeiros


Loved ronnie