We really appreciate your support & feedback and truly value you as a customer.


Shale blakey


Great help would definitely recommend Shahed as your driver instructor. This was a great course to learn from and for a great price too!


Hailey Armstrong


Shahed is a good instructor dude and thought me well. I got my G2 license in ist attempt. Thanks




I just finished my driving hours with Nasim. He is a very good instructor. Every time I asked a question he always answered it, even if I asked it a bunch of times over the course of 10 hours. He always gave me pointers on what to do during the G2 test. He was very nice and was a very good instructor.


Alyssa Gallop


I went to Ultimate Drivers and it was a great experience! The in class lessons were very helpful yet fun and my driving instructor Ronnie was a great and was very helpful to make sure I did my best. Passed my first time! I would recommend Ultimate Drivers to all my friends!


Jenny D.


I would like to give a big shout out to Farzana! She honestly helped me out a lot! I was honestly really afraid to start driving in the beginning, but she helped me get over my fears, and made me become more confident in myself. Honestly, without her teachings, i wouldn't have been able to pass my G2 with the confidence i have now. So if you are looking for an instructor, i totally recommend Farzana! :)




My instructor was Ali he is a very nice and calm teacher very funny and was always flexible with scheduling lessons, taught me good defensive driving and feel more confident about getting my licence,I was nervous at first learning but now feel more experience and alert now when I drive I would defentily recommend Ali as a driving instrcutor, he's the best !


Chad Kinson


Just passed my road test today. I had an excellent experience with Raja at Ultimate Drivers. He rly focuses on your weaknesses and revolves his teachings around them. He's a very easy going guy, and I'm sure you'll pass no problem.


Daniel Ebanks


This process of learning was so profound i don't know where to start, ahhh!!! yes the the class room, when i walked into that classroom i was looking at a lot of faces people whom i have never met in my life but with Mr. Gord's teaching that soon melted away i learned while having fun, the classroom was almost like a giant car with my fellow students and i learning while Mr. Gord spoke his heart out. I have personally heard a lot of buzz about the classroom making nosense, what!! if you werent theorised even a bit on the basics of the road the in-car lesson would be cotton candy. So the long and short of this the in-class lessons were very important and i so enjoyed them, moving on to the in-car lessons well i got to say i hardly drove, but my very firts in car lesson made me feel like i was driving before i were born my in car instuctor Imran lets say he kept up with my pase i am a fast learner and when some one has leaned something you simply ove on Mr. Imran did just that before you know it i was writing this testimonial, the idea is not fast learning its learning at your own pase and i was fortunate to have instructor like Imran whom noticed my learnig speed if you want to say he is adjustable, and Imran and Mr. Gord are basically the ones who helped me write this testimonial, by deepest gratitude goes out to you two and to ULTIMATE DRIVERS just keep doing what you are doing believe me it is right.


phoebe edel lonogan


Got my g2 license today... thanks a lot to saira... she never ever give up to me... for a new young driver and new here in canada its hard for me to pick up.. but saira didnt give up to teach me to be a good driver and safe driver.... I will highly recommend saira.... thanks to ultimate drivers and thank u so much to saira... she work so hard for me.... everything is appreciated!!!!


Cooper Zapparoli


When I started driving I was comfortable behind the wheel but Tim my driving instructor brought my confidence to a level I thought I would never have. He taught me all the proper driving techniques I needed that helped me pass my driving test. I must thank ultimate drivers and especially Tim for bringing my driving to the next level.


Tanisha Lundrigan


The instructions I received during the \"in car lessons\" were very relevant to a new driver. I now feel more confident and a better driver from both the theory and practical parts of the program. I would highly recommend Shari, she was a fantastic instructor. She was really positive, polite and very encouraging. I felt confident being taught by her and feel my road test will be nothing but smooth. Thank you :)


Eva mcmillan


Hi, I am so happy with Kim's direction and support. Kim is an amazing teacher with a relaxing optimistic personality. I will take my test in a few days and I feel totally equipped to pass with ease and confidence. I really appreciated that on on last day of driving lessons she quoted me all the things I'd learned so I could make notes when I asked her to. She was never nervous or break crazy as I drove with her. She communicates directions and instructions calmly and clearly. I would absolutley recommend her as an instructor to my dearest friends. She really cares about safety and her students and was kind enough to review techniques to her student about to take the road test via text. Excellent experience.


Steve de Almeida


Daniel and Keith are very good instructors. Zach was a good instructor. Was very friendly, and taught me well. Got my g2 first try. Couldn't have done it without the guys at Ultimate Drivers




Ultimate Drivers was a great experience for me. Ultimate Drivers was extremely beneficial towards my driving skills! After the first few lessons i saw an improvement. The best thing about Ultimate drivers are the Instructors. Imran was my Instructor and was so kind and friendly! He taught me so many beneficial driving techniques that i will use for the rest of my life. Imran is a really great instructor and an even better person! I would recommend this program to any new driver and hope that they have Imran as their instructor! He helped me pass my road test on my first attempt! This experience was most definitely worth while!




UD is a great driving school, before my in car lessons i was very scared to start driving due to personal reasons. But after my 1st lesson with my instructor my fear of driving gradually stoped. Imran is a very great driving instructor he is very patient with you and a very encouraging teacher. I suggest you choose imran as a instructor u will learn a lot from him and feel more confident in yourself as a driver once your done. =] thanks imran!




Vic was an awesome instructor, who helped me learn what I needed to learn efficiently and who also enabled me to pass my G2 test with 92%




Tariq was an amazing driving instructor and helped me find out what I did wrong as soon as I did it, very caring and understanding of what to do and what not to do. \r\n\r\nHe also had a very wide time schedule, so scheduling was easy and convenient \r\n\r\nrecommend to anybody




I am almost done my lessions with sandy she was helpful, patient and kind. Even though i was a horrible driver (and being asian didn't help) which got me into some dangerous situations she was always there to save us. Thanks sandy!




Passing depends on a great instructor, because without them there is no pass. I would like to give a BIG thanks to my wonderful instructor Farzana for being so encouraging and giving me confidence that i needed in order to pass. Before i met Farzana I didn't know how well i could drive, but Farzana was so polite and friendly ... she gave lots of formula's and tricks for easy and comfortable driving. That is why I passed my G2 at first try. I recommend everyone Farzana to be their instructor. That UD and Farzana !!!




I had Abdul as my driving instructor. He was incredibly patient with me when he probably shouldn\\'t have been. The course was long, but it was definitely worth it. I\\'m glad to have at this point almost finished and can\\'t wait until I can book my road test. \r\n\r\nI\\'m confidant that it\\'ll go well.




Hi Sandy,\r\n\r\nThis is for you.\r\n\r\nThanks for everything.Thanks for showing me how to drive in the right manner.Thanks for keeping me so much at ease.Thanks for talking to me on my lessons and still never missing the smallest mistake I made.Thanks for making me feel as if I went for a drive with a friend every time I came home from a lesson...:).\r\nI am very grateful for your patience.Keep it up...\r\n\r\n\r\nAnalyn


Sarah D


I just passed my G1 exit test thanks to Ultimate Drivers and my awesome instructor Farzana. I was terrified to drive and had little to no confidence behind the wheel but thanks to Farzana's patience and guidance I was able to increase my confidence in 10 short hours. \r\nNot only did Farzana teach me the rules of the road but she also helped me get used to the car I would be using for my test and even congratulated me upon my completion and passing of the test.\r\nBetween the highly productive lessons, confidence building, and quite a few good laughs I would highly recommend Farzana as an instructor to anyone and everyone wishing to get driving lesson.\r\nAgain, Thank you so much Farzana you really helped me pass the test I really appreciate it.




Ultimate Drivers was the best resource I had for learning how to drive.\r\n\r\nRani was an excellent instructor. She helped me master the finer points of driving which enabled me to get my full G successfully. \r\n\r\nThanks again Rani!


Jenny Bradley


I had a great experience with Ultimate Drivers, my instructor Ranie is excellent. She was very patient with me. I passed my G2 the very first time.


Peter Massari


i just finished everything with ultimate drivers. I just got my G2 and couldnt have done it wiht out them. Everything is very organized and i had lots of fun.\r\n\r\nthanks


Vaibhav Sabharwal


I wanted to share this review about Ultimate Drivers. More so, this review is centred around my driving instructor. His name is \"Rana\". He was, by far, the best driving coach I have come across. I took a refresher course with Ultimate, and I believe I was lucky to have Rana coach me during these 5 hours, and push my spirits high during my driving test as well. Rana is excellent in his all round abilities as an instructor, which I believe is obtained by years of experience and good camaraderie. However, more than just being an instructor, or a coach, Rana has the ability to lay empathy with the student, which then leads to encouragement, and then, fortification of a belief within the student, ultimately leading to excellence and success in driving, overall, for the student.


Michael Ebsary


Did my training with Ultimate Drivers, and Ac was my driving instructor. On the day of my test Ronie took me and got me familiar with the area. Both instructors were amazing. 11/10. Passed in one shot


Kelly arango


Vic \r\nThis driving instructor was very thorough and\r\nMade sure i knew everything i needed to know to pass the g2 test.


Diana Salih


When I started driving, I was too scared to even go out onto the main road. I never had any real practice until the in-car lessons. Shari was amazing. She was very patient with me and slowly eased me into more and more difficult tasks, until I worked my way up.\r\nShe's also a very warm and friendly character and is extremely easy to get along with. \r\n\r\nI always look forward to my lessons with her!




Gord always made the in-class part interesting and my driving instructor Peter kept everything calm and relaxed- especially good cause i started with near zero experience. So yeah overall good experience.




had tariq as my instructor and he did a great job in preparing me for my road test! He taught me easy and practical techniques for all the different aspects of driving and built my confidence in my driving abilities so that I was able to pass on my first attempt.\r\n


Megan Schuster


Shahed and Daniel, I got both of them as my in car instructor. They are awesome at communicating helpful directions and important pointers. Shahed told me to not worry about the ghosts haunting me (as in my fears of what could happen) and focus on my strengths as I am not a bad driver and he helped me overcome my weaknesses. Daniel made me break my old habits and pick up new good ones. This two instructors are nothing less then friendly and encouraging which got me to not fall behind and in the end PASS MY TEST:) YAY


Mandi LaRoche


I went for my road test on Friday April 24th and PASSED my first try, I honestly dont think I could of done it without my instructors support and amazing techniques.\r\nPeter always made me feel comftorble and showed alot of patience with me, because I was a very nervous driver. He would definately be my first choice for an instructor and I highly reccomend him to anyone willing to learn.\r\nPeter made me conquer my fears of driving I want to say Thanks Peter your the best.


scott miedema


I would like to thank Tim my driving instructor. I had my g2 test yesterday and passed no problem. Tim taught me everything i needed to be a good and safe driver and helped me to be confident during my test. Thanks again Tim it was a great time together and id recommend him to anyone with there g1 and wanting to become a better driver.




I had Ali as my driving




Ultimate Drivers was a great investment. My instructor B.J. was the reason i passed my G2 on my first time. It was with his excellent teachings that taught me how to reverse and parallel park with ease. His step by step methods made parking really easy and I would definitely recommend him to all my peers. He is an amazing driving instructor and gives you the skills you need to pass your G2 and also the skills you need for everyday driving. Thanks so much B.J.




My instructor as Ali and he taught me all the skills that are needed for driving, very well taught and understanding in what to do, gives many examples and situations, and made me confident in my driving and more conformable behind the wheel , ready for my g2 and would recommend other people to take lessons with him, very skilled and explains every part of driving to make us see the big picture when we are driving! Great teacher and glad I had him!


Vikram Vaidya


Ultimate Driver's was overall a very good experience and a very positive investment. In class sessions were very informative yet simple to understand. My instructor, Kamar Hamid was superb in his driving techniques and made driving feel very simple and relaxing. After a few short lessons I started to automatically feel a huge confidence level while driving. Thanks to Kamar I passed by G2 test on my first attempt and can drive almost anywhere with ease. Ultimate Drivers has given me full knowledge of road safety and skills and I would recommend it to any person who is looking for a driving school.




I went to ultimate Drivers and I learn from ronnie who taught safe driving. Every body needs to do the advanced course. That's help you big time. If you are a new learner. I pass one shot today in Brampton. Thank you ronnie and Ultimate Drivers.


Carolyn H


Great Experience! Shawn is the best!!! Such a good teacher, friendly, learned a lot. Made me look forward to each lesson!!\r\n:)


Happy Driver


I would just like to thank Ultimate Drivers for all their help in teaching me how to drive. Their fun and easy approach to driving made the lessons enjoyable and educative. Thanks to Sal i passed the G2 test on my first attempt and learned some very useful techniques that will hopefully stick with me. Thank you Sal and Ultimate Drivers!


Sarah daimee


My instructor was Ali and he was amazing he made me feel comfortable at the wheel , at first I was scared but I manage to settle down and got better and better as time went on! I feel more relaxed and confident now and will go for my test! Ali was good at his teaching skills and I recommend him to everyone! Thanks ALI?




wow, where do i even start.\r\nfrom your first lesson to your road test Imran is amazing! He makes you feel calm and confident with driving while still enforcing the techniques and safety rules necessary to make you not only a good driver, but a great and safe driver. I STRONGLY suggest to ask for Imran as your driving instructor cause your money will definately not be wasted. Plus, he's funny :) THANKS IMRAN.




Thank you so much, to my amazing teacher, Kamar. He went above and beyond my expectations, he allowed me to pass confidentially.


Ravinder sandhu


Shahed was my driving instructor. He is great. He taught me all the important tips for driving exam. I am very happy I passed. He is very professional and knows how to teach and deliver. Thanks Shahed ultimate drivers Orangeville




My instructor was Raja. He was a great instructor and always on time. Because of him I passed my G2 test on the first try. He was patient and taught me everything I needed to pass. Thanks Raja!




hello\r\n i took my driving lessons with Rani and had my test passed on the 19 december 2011....all the credit goes to her.....she gave me a good tips on how to become a safe driver....\r\n i would definately recommend her to all my friends..\r\n thank you Rani for being a such a good insructor and most importantly being so much patient with me...




Great Expeience!!\r\nI came in and took the in-class before I even got my G1. My lessons were spaced out perfectly so that everything was freshly in my mind to be prepared for my G2 test. Very flexible hours, I always booked according to my schedule and not theirs! They are friendly and more importantly great teachers!\r\nI highly recommend Ultimate Drivers!




Imran is a really great driving instructor. Coming from little experience behind the wheel, Imran demonstrated patience which made me more comfortable. With his funny jokes, along with solid skill techniques, Imran really is a hard working instructor who's goal is for his students to become safe, smart and successful drivers! I would recommend Imran to anybody seeking to improve their driving skills.


Chas echlin


Zahid was a good instructor and helped me out a lot