About Us

Established in 1993, we are one of the largest driver training organizations with over 22 locations in Ontario and continuously growing.
Our technology friendly approach towards driver education has made us the first choice of today's generation.
We offer a complete range of in-person, online or e-learning courses for our students and build customized programs that suit the specific needs and schedules for all.
Our online applications provide full control in the hands of our students.

Who We Are

Ultimate Drivers provides you the opportunity to become a trained and safe driver. We are a Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider who gives the best learning experience in driver education through E-Learning, in-person, or virtual online classes with a live instructor. You discover learning in safe and expert hands. The courses are designed to meet the peculiar needs of candidates.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ultimate Drivers is to provide our customers with a driving school that they can trust will train responsible and safe drivers of tomorrow. We are determined to provide the highest quality of in-class instructions, in-car driver training and excellent customer service to all our customers.

Ultimate Drivers is Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider. In our pursuit of excellence, we will continuously endeavour to raise our high level of professionalism and service with our selfless, dedicated, and self-motivated organizational culture.

We Provide

  • Training Materials
  • Progress Reports
  • Convenient Appointment System
  • Flexible timings for in-class and in-car Courses
  • Free Revision for in-class and online courses
  • Easy Payment plans