Advanced Beginner Driver Education Program

This program has 4 components. 1- Twenty (20) Hours of Classroom training | 2- Ten (10) Hours of Drive Online home assignment | 3- Ten (10) Hours of In-Car training and | 4- Five (5) Hours of Advance driving skills. Upon successful completion it may save you on auto insurance and allows you to go for G2 license in 8 months time.

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Program Includes

  1. All E-Learning content is available to you at one convenient place at any time.
  2. The content of this program surpasses the standards set by the MTO’s curriculum guidelines and is very engaging and Interactive.
  3. Very engaging Interactive and brainstorming exercises were incorporated into each session.
  4. Relevant videos for each topic to give you a better understanding of the topics.
  5. Multiple choice quiz at the end of each session that is graded automatically.
  6. A final multiple choice quiz questions are chosen from each session and graded automatically.
  7. All concerns of students regarding getting help on program content, technical, login issues etc. are promptly responded to through the Help Desk tab.
  8.  10 hours of flexible Drive-Online home assignment is an extension of the BDE program to enhance the learning experience.
  9. Easy-to-understand voice-overs can be a big help to those who don't like to read through the content.
  10. Easy sound control to suit your need.
  11. Let’s start from where you left off.
  12. Glossary of all acronyms for reference.
  13. The entire E-course or any segment of the E-course can be revised any number of times at your own pace before final submission.
  14. 10 plus additional 5-hour in-car training.
  15.  Each in-car lesson is 60 minutes.
  16. One-on-one in-car training.
  17. Free home, work, or school pickup for in-car lessons, within proximity to your home.
  18. All components of the program must be completed within one (1) year from the start date.
    • B.D.E Graduates with a Drivers Licence History (DLH) may be eligible for an insurance discount.

    Program Fee

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